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About David Wolfe

Born in Pueblo, Colorado, David Wolfe is a graduate of Indiana University and The Maryland Institute College of Art.  During his long career, David's work has been exhibited at many venues nationwide and can be found in numerous private and public collections. He is currently living and working in Silver Spring, Maryland.





An excerpt from a catalogue essay  for Wolfe's 2005 exhibition Nature Magnified, Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico(click here for full text) :


"...these paintings are so intense that you can hear them thinking...they speak of obsession, passion, logic, distance, intimacy, literalism, invention, observation, joy, patience, precision - a tangle of properties and inclinations, reflecting a sharp and searching intelligence. And paradoxically, it is that intelligence that outlines each form, each detail."

Brian O'Doherty, Former art critic for The New York Times and past editor of Art in America

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